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  • Beko Kale Bidea, 4 Bajo
  • 20160 Lasarte-Oria
  • Spain

Créditos Designed by Lidia Antón Developed by La Partícula Photography by Eztiphoto

We support you in the decision making from preliminary design stages to detailed project phases.

  • Complete Site Analysis

    – Climate analysis

    – Psychometric analysis

    – Definition of most appropriate passive design strategies

    – Study of wind direction and speed

    – Analysis of wind patterns for natural ventilation

    – Solar exposure analysis

    – Calculation of available solar energy

    – Integration of Heat Island Effect mitigation techniques

    – Analysis of the building environment and open spaces

    – Analysis of the perception of place and space

  • Building Form and Envelope Analysis

    – Optimization of the building form and orientation

    – Analysis of solar exposure of glazed surfaces

    – Analysis of type, size and location of windows

    – Definition of best shading devices

    – Daylighting analysis

    – Definition of best energy conservation strategies

    – Study of insulation and thermal mass

  • Nearly Net Zero Buildings Design

    – Integration of passive techniques and strategies

    – Integration of active technologies and renewable energy sources

    – Net Zero Retrofit optimization

    – Integration of engineering know-how into building's design

    – Sophisticated 3D modelling and energy simulations

    – Specialized building physics and fluid dynamics analysis

    – Optimization of air flow and HVAC system performance

    – Lighting, daylighting and glare analysis

    – Reduction of energy consumption and operational costs

    – Improvement of indoor air quality and user's comfort

    – Green building materials

    – Research and development of industrialized high-performance façades

  • Life Cycle Assesment

    – Analysis of carbon, ecological and water footprint in the design, construction and operation of buildings

    – Waste reduction through the use of carbon neutral and environmentally friendly materials. Life Cycle Assessment

  • LEED, BREEAM, EDGE, Passivhaus and Building Certifications

    Support to achieve main international building and environmental certifications

  • Graphical Representation

    Graphical representation of sustainability that suits your needs:

    – Bioclimatic diagrams

    – Schematic drawings

    – CFD representation

    – etc

  • Training

    Specialized courses for small groups (bioclimatic architecture, use of environmental tools, energy efficiency…)

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